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Workers’ Memorial Day to be Honored in Bloomington

Edited statement of Mike Matejka:
Early Thursday morning, April 28th, workers in Bloomington-Normal will gather to honor those who have fallen on the job and to call for greater health and safety measures.

Workers across the country mark April 28th as the anniversary of the OSHA law, passed as needed protection in the workplace.

Bloomington-Normal’s event is scheduled for 6 a.m., Thursday, April 28, at White Oak Park in Bloomington (1514 N. Cottage Ave), at the pavilion.

There will be a short morning ceremony, a reading of over 200 known workplace fatalities in McLean County’s history, and a special commemoration for David Powell, who died April 8 after a scaffolding fall.

The park’s trees, pavilion and flag pole were all completed as volunteer labor by local unions to commemorate those who have died on the job.


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