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BloNo Protest for Peace

BLOOMINGTON – On May 5th, citizens of Bloomington-Normal demonstrated their opposition to the wars and occupations in the Middle East as part of the monthly anti-war action sponsored by the Bloomington-Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice (BNCPJ).

BNCPJ opposes the military occupations in the Middle East because they are imperialist and destructive. The coalition believes that the goal of the United States government is not to promote freedom and democracy, as evidenced by U.S. support of dictatorships like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, nor is it to stop terrorism. Rather, it argues that the United States wants control over oil-rich regions of the world where corporations can profit from oil extraction, oil distribution, and the business of conducting war.

The coalition further believes that, in pursuit of global power, the U.S. government continues to commit war crimes, including now regular targeted assassinations outside the rule of law. They point out that Osama Bin Laden should have been brought to justice in a court of law, not by the bullet of an assassin’s gun.

During the May 5th rally, participants relayed their reasons for attending the protest to Just BloNo. The following video is of the rally and the views of these participants.


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