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Make Wall Street Pay

BLOOMINGTON – On Thursday afternoon, over 50 Bloomington-Normal residents attended a demonstration against the greed of JP Morgan Chase and other big banks, demanding action on their part to pay their taxes, end the revenue crisis and stop illegal foreclosures.

The action was organized by Illinois People’s Action, a local faith-based community coalition, as part of their campaign against home foreclosures and destructive banking and loan practices. The central demand of the coalition is that Wall Street pay its share and stop preying on communities. They point out that Wall Street has made a comeback, while foreclosures and joblessness continue. Meanwhile, Wall Street politicians slash education and social services, after the banks wrecked the economy in the recent Great Recession.

Next week, on May 16th, Illinois People’s Action is taking the issue of the big banks and their greed to Columbus, Ohio, where they will attend the JP Morgan Chase annual shareholder meeting. JP Morgan Chase has the most foreclosures of any bank, and their shareholder meeting will take place in a state that is embroiled in a budget fight. Illinois People’s Action will deliver the message that the budget crisis is a revenue crisis and that the big banks should pay their fair share.

For information on how to attend the “Showdown in Ohio,” call Illinois People’s Action at (309) 827-9627 or visit the event Facebook page.



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