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Class Dismissed documentary screening this Thursday

This Thursday, May 19, Common Action Free School and Laborers Local 362 are co-hosting a screening of the documentary Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class at the Laborers Hall at 2012 Fox Creek Road in Bloomington.  The film will start at 6:30 PM.

I was going to write a brief review of the film to entice folks to come watch it with us.  However, I am not really good at reviewing other people’s artwork, nor do I think that my opinion of the film means much.  So let me just say this: The film is pretty good.  The filmmakers do a solid job of connecting issues of class, race, gender and sexuality to the world of pop television in the United States and how these topics are portrayed in the medium.  I think you will enjoy the film; I did the first time I saw it.

In lieu of a proper review of the film, it is more important, to me, to mention why I think you should come to the screening.  I, as one of the active organizers of the Common Action Free School, believe that class-consciousness is important… and far too lacking in our society.  I also believe that we are all workers—laborers, students, teachers, insurance salespeople, cooks, farmers, volunteers and stay-at-home parents alike—and that we all need to come together in solidarity to support each other in the struggle for an egalitarian society.  A possible first step for a community to develop a critical class-consciousness is for community members to educate each other.  And a possible first step toward genuine community solidarity and mutual support could be as simple as community members getting to know one another.  What better way educate each other and get to know one another than to come out to a film screening and meet and talk with some of your neighbors?

So I’ll see you this Thursday at 6:30 at the Laborers Hall (come to the older building at the back of the lot) for the documentary screening, yes?  To check out the flier for the event and to find out more about the Common Action Free School visit .

Peace and solidarity,



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