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Over 50 BloNo Residents Head to Showdown in Ohio

Illinois People's Action Bus Heading to Columbus

BLOOMINGTON – Early in the morning today, over 50 BloNo residents traveled to Columbus, Ohio to participate in a mass demonstration at the JP Morgan Chase annual shareholder meeting.

Illinois People’s Action held rallies last Thursday against JP Morgan Chase throughout the state of Illinois and organized buses for Illinoisans to attend in Columbus. The two-day protest, called the “Showdown in Ohio,” was organized by the National People’s Action, the national umbrella organization for Illinois People’s Action.

Protesters are demanding that JP Morgan Chase do its part to end the foreclosure and jobs crisis. They insist that Chase renegotiate unfavorable deals made with state and municipal governments, terminate predatory loan practices, and stop illegal foreclosures. JP Morgan Chase currently has the most foreclosures of any bank.

For more information on the “Showdown in Ohio,” view the video found on the Just BloNo article titled Make Wall Street Pay. The websites Showdown in America and New Bottom Line also have relevant information.


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