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Make Wall Street Pay

BLOOMINGTON – On Thursday afternoon, over 50 Bloomington-Normal residents attended a demonstration against the greed of JP Morgan Chase and other big banks, demanding action on their part to pay their taxes, end the revenue crisis and stop illegal foreclosures. The action was organized by Illinois People’s Action, a local faith-based community coalition, as part … Continue reading

Teachers Fight Attacks on Pensions

Editorial Report by Corey Mattson In the last few weeks, public school teachers throughout Illinois have stepped up efforts to defend their state pensions against attack. The pension issue was one of three that the Illinois Education Association (IEA) brought to representatives during their Lobby Day in Springfield on May 4th. In Illinois, public sectors … Continue reading

Local Action to Make Wall Street Pay

Illinois People’s Action, a faith-based community organization, is organizing actions on Chase Bank across the state of Illinois this Thursday, launching a campaign to force the big banks to end the revenue crisis, create jobs, and stop illegal foreclosures. The Bloomington branch of Illinois People’s Action is organizing a demonstration at the Chase Bank located … Continue reading

Kinzinger’s Snow Job in May

Editorial Report by Corey Mattson On Saturday, May 7th, Freshman Representative Adam Kinzinger (R) held a poorly-attended town hall meeting on the Illinois Wesleyan campus, focusing on the national budget and debt crisis. Kinzinger called the town hall one day before the day of the event, resulting in only 50 people in attendance in the … Continue reading

BloNo Protest for Peace

BLOOMINGTON – On May 5th, citizens of Bloomington-Normal demonstrated their opposition to the wars and occupations in the Middle East as part of the monthly anti-war action sponsored by the Bloomington-Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice (BNCPJ). BNCPJ opposes the military occupations in the Middle East because they are imperialist and destructive. The coalition believes … Continue reading

BloNo Celebrates Pete Seeger’s Birthday with a Hootenanny

BLOOMINGTON – Over 100 people gathered to celebrate Pete Seeger’s 92nd birthday with a “hootenanny” sing-a-long at the McLean County Museum of History. Participants shared their experiences meeting Pete Seeger, watched video clips of his performances, and sang songs he wrote and performed. Below are two songs performed during the festivities. This Land is Your … Continue reading

Urban Chickens Coming to Normal?

NORMAL – Mike Sebald of the organization BloNo Backyard Chickens presented a report to the Normal City Council during its May 2nd session, supporting a proposal that would allow for chickens within city limits. Sebald delivered a ten-minute report that outlined how similar ordinances work in other cities and addressed concerns of council members. Sebald … Continue reading

Illinois Labor Reclaims Mayday

FOREST PARK – BloNo residents traveled to the Chicago metro area to celebrate Mayday, or International Workers Day, with a celebratory unveiling of the newly restored Haymarket Martyrs’ Monument in the Waldheim Cemetery in Forest Park, IL. Mayday is celebrated by the labor movement in most countries around the world. But U.S. government propaganda during … Continue reading

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