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Anthony Weiner: Why he should not resign

In spite of all the rabble rising surrounding the current scandal or “Weinergate” calling for Congressman Anthony Weiners resignation, I think that we as progressives should stand up to the Democratic leadership and tell them to back off and support the only congressman on the hill who has the courage to tell the truth about what is really going on in this country. Yes he lied about his sexual indiscretions but he has been right on about everything else. The everything else is what he was put in office for it is what should really matter, not what he does in his personal life, that should be left to his family and loved one’s to judge. If we don’t like the work that he is doing in congress than vote him out, but let the man do his job.

As far as the argument that he has broken the trust of the voters by lying about an alleged extra marital affair? What about the lies that are told every single day by our elected officials that we know about and especially the ones that we don’t know about? Lies like WMD’s or that the air around the world trade center is safe, death panels, secure communities, we care about the working man etc..etc. They are all paid to lie! Stop acting like this is something new, stop acting like Congressman Weiner is a leper. He lied to save his marriage and to not embarrass his family. Yes maybe he should keep it in his pants but it is not my business or anyone else’s business to pass judgment on this man.

If he resigns we will be losing the only true progressive voice we have left in congress and that my friends would be a true tragedy.

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner: Why he should not resign

  1. Really? Let me guess… the ends justify the means…. WOW, your inability to discern honesty in politicians is terrible. If this guy can lie about his sex life, what else can he lie about in front of the American people? Get my point? This guy is a scumbag whose removal was justified. Your statement about being a progressive and all progressives should stick up for is disgusting. That herd mentality is part of todays problem, and you sir go right along with it. Let me ask you this, if this guy was not a progressive, would you have called for his ousting or would you have supported him? See, get rid of the D’s and R’s and go on beliefs, ideals, honesty, and the ability to lead all of your constituents… just not the ones that voted for you. Time to get rid of politicians and bring back the statesmen!!!

    Posted by jeff W. | November 21, 2011, 2:26 am

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