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Governor Quinn Signs IL Dream Act Into Law

August 1, 2011 – Bloomington

LUC Leaders lobby for IL Dream Act at State Capital

After many months of negotiating with state law makers the IL Dream Act has finally been signed into law. With a broad based coalition of community organizations that included Illinois People’s Action and Latinos United for Change, the bi-partisan legislation has made Illinois one of the first states in the country to enact this pro-immigrant legislation.

LUC leaders were pivotal in the passing of this bill by getting endorsements from Illinois State University president Al Bowman and and a yes vote from Republican Sen. Bill Brady. LUC leader Jennifer Carrillo was interviewed today on WJBC and said college and university leaders helped with the initiative. “I was personally one of the ISU students who spoke to President Bowman and asked him to support this bill and I think it’s very telling that a lot of university presidents came out to support this because they usually don’t take political action.”

In April and May, LUC made three trips to Springfield to lobby for the bill and ended up getting the support of Republican Senator Brady was also interviewed and stated that the “state DREAM Act is nothing like the national version.”

LUC leader Jennifer Carrillo also stated, “This is just a good first step and that LUC and IPA will continue to fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform on a National level”


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