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NPA Disrupts Congress on Debt Ceiling Debates

August 1, 2011

Today 20 members of National Peoples Action (NPA) engaged in civil disobedience in the halls of Congress where they were letting the Congress members know what they thought of this deal.

They were all arrested Monday afternoon after disrupting a debate on the debt-limit proposal by chanting, “Boehner, get off it; it’s time to tax corporate profit.”

While in the visitors gallery overlooking the House floor the protesters tried to unfurl a banner, but security officers stopped them. They continued to chant “Boehner, Boehner get a clue; it’s about revenue” while being escorted out of the chamber and cuffed using plastic bands.

Illinois People’s Action and Latinos Untied for Change are member organization of NPA who fight to to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda.

Link to raw video of action:

IPA Hit on Chase Bank in Bloomington IL May 2011

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One thought on “NPA Disrupts Congress on Debt Ceiling Debates

  1. This is simply awesome that NPA did this civil disobedience. And the message that we tax the rich and corporate profit to fund social programs hits the nail on the head.

    Posted by coreymattson | August 3, 2011, 6:10 pm

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