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Laborers Union Hosts BlueGreen Alliance (Picture)

Over 25 people attended Tuesday evening a presentation and discussion of the Blue-Green Alliance, a partnership between environmentalists and labor unions working for green jobs and environmental stewardship. The alliance consists of 4 national environmental organizations and 11 U.S. unions. The educational event was hosted by the Laborers’ Union, Local 362, and took place at … Continue reading

Occupy BloNo Meets in First General Assembly

Over 35 people gathered Sunday evening on the Normal roundabout, in an open and democratic general assembly, to organize this week’s Occupy BloNo activities and begin planning for an occupation in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Much was discussed in the meeting, including the focus of the movement, meeting procedure, the importance of having an … Continue reading

Bring Our War Money Home! — Anti-War Rally and Speak-Out (Resources/Video/Pictures)

Over 40 people gathered Thursday afternoon to protest the wars and occupations in the Middle East, marking the tenth year of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. The protest – complete with chants, a speak-out, and song – took place in downtown Bloomington on the front lawn of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. The … Continue reading

Occupy BloNo (Local Coverage/Resources)

Approximately 200 people participated Wednesday in the Occupy BloNo rally on Illinois State University quad, held in solidarity with the ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement. The rally started at 12 noon, involving many different progressive organizations. A General Assembly of Occupy BloNo organized subsequent rallies to take place 11 – 2 every day on the … Continue reading

Ruah Swennerfelt Speaks on Transition Town Movement

Over 90 people gathered Monday night for a presentation by Ruah Swennerfelt, co-founder of Transition Charlotte and a national leader of the Transition Town initiative. Ms. Swennerfelt provided an overview of Transition Town, a movement that has arisen to deal with the societal changes necessary in an age of climate change and peak oil. Its … Continue reading

Overwhelming support for Cap36!

October 3, 2011 A full room of community members at the Miller Park Pavilion overwhelmingly supported capping payday interest rates in Bloomington at 36%. Several community and (IPA) Illinois Peoples’s Action members spoke about why they supported Cap36 in Bloomington. Dawn Dannenbring asked the council what else the community had to do to get action on the proposal. She … Continue reading

BloNo Move-On: Jobs NOT Cuts Rally

September 30, 2011 Members of Bloomington/Normal Move-On held at rally in support of President Obama’s jobs bill at a fundraiser for IL Republican Congressional incumbant Adam Kinzinger in Bloomington today. Members of Move.Org BloNo council congregated outside the Double Tree Hotel with chants of Jobs Not Cuts! One, two, three, four Pay your taxes like the poor … Continue reading

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