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Occupy BloNo Marks Day of Action, Establishes Occupation of the Normal Circle

In solidarity with the Occupy movement’s National Day of Action, marking the movement’s second month, Occupy BloNo initiated a 12-hour encampment of the Circle in Uptown Normal.

Occupy BloNo stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, which opposes the political and economic power possessed by corporations, banks and the wealthiest 1%

The National Mass Day of Action follows the recent police raid of the Occupy movement’s headquarters in New York’s Zuccotti Park, where scores of people were arrested and much of the equipment of the occupation was brazenly thrown in dumpsters by police. The Monday raid did not dampen the movement’s zeal, however, as tens of thousands of people rallied in New York and across the nation today.

Occupy BloNo has held a continual occupation in front of Milner Library, on the Illinois State campus, for over a month. Their occupation of the circle roundabout is the second temporary move from their ISU base, the first being the day-long occupation of Withers Park in Bloomington. There was some concern Thursday evening that police would evict them from the Circle, but Normal police chief Rick Bleichner said that he considers it a right-of-way and not a park, which would allow for activists to occupy the space overnight.

At 6 pm on Thursday evening, Occupy BloNo held a General Assembly that addressed their new move, as well as upcoming actions to protest the political power of the wealthiest 1%. At one point during the meeting, Bloomington City Manager David Hale spoke with the group, discussing possibilities of cooperation between the city and the group in establishing a Bloomington occupation.

Occupy BloNo sets up an occupation of the Normal Circle to mark the National Mass Day of Action on November 17th,

The Declaration of the New York City Occupation is read prior to the General Assembly meeting.

The Occupy BloNo General Assembly deliberates.

Occupy BloNo speaks with Bloomington City Manager David Hale on occupation issues in Bloomington.


11 thoughts on “Occupy BloNo Marks Day of Action, Establishes Occupation of the Normal Circle

  1. Thank you.

    Posted by Janet | November 18, 2011, 6:31 am
  2. Government does not produce anything…. one must remeber this. The government is a consumer (tax dollars) and when they attempt to produce jobs it usually ends in failure do to the fact that most government “stimulus” jobs are only held until the funding runs out. Also, you must remember that goverment jobs are funded by tax dollars. The more “government jobs” the more tax dollars needed. Also, the taxpayer is on the hook for the pensions and benefits of these jobs. There are not enough tax dollars to go around for these liabilities. The bigger the government, the bigger the unfunded liabilities, the bigger the debt. There is not enough money even the rich have to fund this, so don’ play that card. True job growth is in the private sectoe where demand will produce jobs. Right now, with the private sector unsure of what Obamacare and the debt debate will produces, do not feel comfortable hiring. Combine that with the lack of demand from people themselves weary of what this economy will do because of Obama’s policies, the jobs will not happen. What is needed is TRUE change, not bumper sticker slogans, not unfunded promises, not more government. When we get a new administration in 2012, you will see the economy gain strength if they can be trusted. Mark my words, if Obama is re-elected in 2012 the economy will not get better. The stalemate will become a downward spiral between the government and the private sector. Also, I do think you need to revise your “99%” montra. Many Americans do not agree with you. You demand the rich to pay more but fail to realize the top 1% pay almost 40% of taxes and the the bottom 47% pay no taxes. You fail to realize America is now has the highest corporate tax rate in the Western world. How can Obama say we are all in this together when all he does is demand the so-called rich to pay more and let the bottom half pay nothing?!?! If this is supposed to be fair, then everybody should pay the same taxes. Right? Like a flat tax? that is “fair”!! But when social justice is pushed, “fair” is half the country paying for the other half. How is that fair? What dictionary do you use? If this country closed tax loopholes and had a flat tax, you would see more tax revenue than ever. You would also see great economic growth in this country with jobs being created.

    See, when people have more of their own money they will spend, invest, and save. When spending, investing, and saving goes up… there is more demand!! More demand… more jobs!!!

    Also, how can you demand jobs from government when Obama’s job “czar” Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of GE) scammed GE out of having to pay taxes (loopholes created under Obama’s stimulus) and also is sending jobs to China because he feels they have more of a “business friendly environment”???? WOW, sounds like many “hope and change” voters were duped again!!! Answer this, how can a Communist country be more “economically friendly” than the most free nation on Earth? If you want me to answer this, I will… but it will only show the negatives of what OWS supports but doesn’t fully realize what they support…. True justice is not decided by man, but decided by the words and actions of God’s word.

    God Bless and Peace Be Upon You,

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 9:55 pm
  3. Jeff, you talked about rhetoric and slogans, here is the biggest: “The government doesn’t produce anything.”

    This is simply not factual. The government uses taxation of wealth – which at lower tax rates is hoarded in unproductive, casino-like financial investment – to produce many goods and services. Many of which would not be provided, or would be provided poorly, by the free market. Given the amount of cash corporations and banks are sitting on, you’d think the jobs crisis would be about over! That wealth needs to be taxed at a higher rate and spent on productive use…. Medicare for All, Social Security, and transitioning to green infrastructure.

    That saving necessarily translates into productive investment is an age-old belief — Say’s Law — and there’s no empirical evidence for it. Allowing the rich to accumulate hoards of cash, at lower tax rates, does not necessarily translate into productive investment. More likely, it goes to fictional investment, casino-like, that results in burst bubbles.

    As for the statement that many Americans don’t agree with Occupy, one can also say that many Americans do agree as well. Social movements grow and wane in popularity, and the measure of their strength and what they accomplish is not measurable by a one-on-one correlation with a poll. The Civil Rights movement in the 50s probably wasn’t overall the most popular, especially among white people and even less so among white people in the south. But it was successful in many ways. Occupy has already changed the dialogue in the country in way that I think is favorable. Another example is that you are interacting with it by your mere participation on this blog. I would say that the movement has already been a success and it is only just beginning.

    Posted by coreymattson | November 20, 2011, 10:19 pm
  4. What is your stance on Israel? I am very interested in this. I read a previous post that I found disturbing. It was in regards to the Palestinian statehood issue. Do you realize that the Jew’s inhabited Jerusalem long before the Palestinians existed? Do you relaize that if the Middle East is very large and that Israel is a very small nation? Do you realize after milllions of Jews were killed and they returned to Israel it was done legally? Do you realize that the only country to open their arms in solidarity to the Palestinians was Israel. All other countries treated them as refugees and ultimately tried kicking them out of their countries!! Israel was and is the home of the Jews. No U.S. president or Arab League can dispute this. I find the anti-Semtism in the OWS movement as whole to be disgusting. Your OWS movement should denounce that along with the violence, rape, criminal damage to property, and all other violations that have happened. I went to your site to see how our local affiliate of the OWS movement felt about these issues that plague OWS. Like the “mainstream media”, your movement either ignores it or makes excuses for it. Credibilty is gained in facts, tolerance, and the ablility to peacably assemble. None of these exist in the OWS movement. Every OWS movement I have seen violates one of these principles. Even at the ISU homecoming parade event, the BLONO group walked alongside the parade trying to get their message thru to the people there to watch the parade. That is not only childish, but ridiculous. If nobody shows up to hear your message, do not force your message upon them. That is not only rude, but very disrespectful. Also, the “chalk” graffiti was also childish, annoying, and overall still illegal. Graffitti is not defined by paint or ink, graffiti is graffiti and nobody gave you the permission to do so. Once again, childish and it does not help your credibility. I pray one day that you will see the falacy of the OWS message.

    God Bless and Peace Be Upon You,

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 10:28 pm
  5. Transition to a green infrastructure? Like the one Spain tried that KILLED jobs, drove up the price of energy, and put huge financial burdens on the government that is now hurting them? I am for a mixed approach… wind, drilling our own oil (everywhere), nuclear (the most effecient), hydro, and clean coal. Between all of these, we as a nation could have reliable cheap energy which would produce millions of jobs. Business and people can do as they please with their money. It is not up to the government to decide the winners and losers!! It is simple, the government can’t quit spending and now they ran out of money and options. Heck, the debt panel can’t even cut 3-4% of the next 10 years budget and you want to add everyone to medicare??? Where will the money come from? Have you seen what socialized medicine looks like? Check out Canada and Britain, it stinks!!! The healthcare industry operates on a 3% profit margin, that is 22% less than Coca-Cola. If the government ran all healthcare, this country would be in such a huge financial mess. The system is flawed, but more government is not the answer. The big issue between all parts of the private sector and the government is the lack of trust. Until this is resolved, the issue will get bigger and bigger. Also, don’t even try to compare your movement to the civil rights movement, that is flat wrong. The civil rights was about race equality, voting, and womets rights. Your movement being as vague as it is, has to do with money which is not an civil right at all… it comes from the opportunity this country hase given us. I participate in this forum to have an opposing voice, I am passionate in my beliefs and my 1st ammendment right to express them PEACABLY. OWS support is falling due to the violence, law breaking, and the persistance of disobeying the law. Like I said, your credibility falls when you act like the OWS movement has over the last few weeks.

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 10:44 pm
  6. “Jeff, you talked about rhetoric and slogans, here is the biggest: “The government doesn’t produce anything.”

    what do they produce????

    Debt.. agreed.
    Entitlements… agreed.

    But these are really not the production of anything. They are the result of taxpayers dollars being consumed. The only thing the government has ever produced is freedom, but even that had a cost… once again by tax dollars being consumed. The government is the addict, the tax dollars are the drugs.

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 10:48 pm
  7. Really? the NY Times??? No bias there, right (sarcasm)? That would be like me using the Blaze to cite a source, you would decry that!!! All of which this articles argues against was the result of government action and interference. What business and citizens do and do not do, is the ultimate result of government action. Eaxamples:

    1. GE took advantage of stimulus money for “green” technology and recieved huge tax credits which led them to pay no taxes. Government action = GE ripping of the taxpayer and uncle sam.
    2. Government’s persistance to demonize the rich and pass legilsation to “confiscate” more of their money.
    Government action = the “rich” hoarding THEIR money until things change or this administration gone which then = little to non job growth.
    3.Government making promises they can not fund. Government action = 15 trillion in debt and the lack of accountablility.

    see, you need to realize the real 1% is the government. if all of the wealth was taken from the rich, it still would not cover this years budget deficit. wouldnt it be much easier to close tax loopholes, enact a fair tax, and ultimately get rid of class warfare thru taxation and government promises?

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 11:24 pm
  8. Corey, before I leave for the evening I have a question for you to answer:

    Who do you have more faith in? Religion or government?

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 11:29 pm
  9. Okay, before I truly leave. Here are enough reasons that I cannot support OWS.
    Here is a list of OWS supporters who do not have the best interest of the USA at heart:

    Communist Party USA
    Socialist Party
    Black Panther
    The Ayatollah
    Hugo Chavez
    Louis Farakhan
    Al Sharpton
    Jesse Jackson
    Bill Ayers
    Michael Moore
    Nancy Pelosi
    Daniel Stern
    Van Jones
    Richard Trumka

    ….the list could go on and on…… BTW, what do you think of Michael Moore’s support? You know, the same Michael Moore who is one of the top 1% but thinks he is not? Or what about all the other 1%’ers that pretend to suppoert your cause? Like the Dems who are just using you for votes? Or the Unions who are using you for power?

    Posted by Jeff W. | November 20, 2011, 11:38 pm


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