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Just BloNo 2011: A Year in Pictures

From the Wisconsin worker uprising to the Occupy movement, 2011 was a year of resistance. Bloomington-Normal was a part of it.   Solidarity with the Wisconsin Worker Uprising 2011 began with one of the largest labor protests to rock the country in decades. Wisconsin teachers and students spontaneously staged an occupation of the Madison capitol … Continue reading

Normal Urges State Action on Payday Loan Industry (Pictures)

The Normal town council passed a resolution requesting the Illinois legislature to consider more consumer protection regarding payday loans. About 40 people, brought together by Illinois People’s Action (IPA), attended the council meeting to support the resolution. Illinois People’s Action is working with individuals and organizations throughout central Illinois in passing ordinances in other cities … Continue reading

Bus Drivers Oppose Privatization of Unit 5 Bus System

The Unit 5 School Board, now in the middle of contract talks with district bus drivers, voted unanimously Wednesday evening to direct Superintendent Niehaus to solicit bids from private bus companies. Numerous bus drivers, all members of a new union local, spoke during the public comment session prior to the vote, voicing their opposition to … Continue reading

House Passes Tax Bill; Senate Not Likely to Follow

Editorial by IlstuStudent. Republicans in the House passed a tax bill that extends the existing cut to social security payroll taxes, which is set to expire at the end of this year. The measure keeps the social security payroll tax at the current 4.2%. If the bill fails to pass Congress, the 4.2 percent provision … Continue reading

President Obama Cashes In On Nearly a Decade Old Plan

Editorial by IlstuStudent President Obama announces the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, based on a time table that was outlined by former president Bush. While our present executive uses this as a political strategy during re-election, the facts are that since March 20 2003, the American Department of Defense, Republican and Democratic leadership, and Washington insiders knew that … Continue reading

Occupy BloNo Screens ‘Lost in Detention’

Occupy BloNo’s film series AWAKE is screening Maria Hinojosa’s ‘Lost in Detention’ twice this week. Times and locations of the screenings are found on the flyer posted below. This documentary covers issues related to the political power of the private prison industry and its profiting from the government’s increased enforcement of unjust immigration law and … Continue reading

No One is Illegal

Viewpoint A large community meeting held Saturday afternoon in Bloomington revealed how immigrant rights is central to struggles for economic and social justice in the United States. The meeting was organized by Latinos United for Change (L.U.C.) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA), bringing together over 90 people to learn about the economic and social context … Continue reading

BloNo Community Rallies for Peace (Pictures)

Twenty BloNo residents gathered early Thursday evening for the monthly anti-war protest in downtown Bloomington. The protest brought together people fighting for a variety of different causes under the peace banner. The December protest took place a week after the Congressional ‘Super Committee’ failed to reach a deficit reduction deal, resulting in a 9% cut … Continue reading

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