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President Obama Cashes In On Nearly a Decade Old Plan

Editorial by IlstuStudent

President Obama announces the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, based on a time table that was outlined by former president Bush. While our present executive uses this as a political strategy during re-election, the facts are that since March 20 2003, the American Department of Defense, Republican and Democratic leadership, and Washington insiders knew that Dec 31, 2011 was the planned withdrawal date.

Even as Obama was campaigning, even when he spoke in August of the fulfillment of campaign promises, he knew that this was a scheduled event. The Democratic Party leadership, and the president himself, bankrolled on the majority of the public being uninformed. In a way, this is hard evidence for the illusion of choice in our pseudo democracy. The two party system, made of leadership and organized of suspected opposites sleeping together in the oval office.


Imagine you are campaigning as a peace loving Democrat. Wouldn’t it be nice to promise to end the war knowing full well that the war is planned to end, and once it does, you parade around like you’ve accomplished something. That is brilliant electoral politics. Secondly, consider the fact that both parties leadership knew of this. Now ask yourself: Why didn’t Republicans run on the same promises? The truth is that our consent is manufactured.

An illegal war is coming to an end, just as planned. Meanwhile, at home, American youth can watch ‘Bomb Patrol Afganistan’ on cable television. I guess adding revenue is one way to pay for the recessive consequences of a war effort without increased taxation. Why didn’t the main stream media jump all over this? Why didn’t we hear conservative talking heads ripping Obama a new one during the campaign, proving that, No he is not going to end the war the war is planned to end near the end of his first term. That surely would have lost him votes, calling him out one of his biggest platforms.

This not being mentioned furthers my point: Our consent is manufactured. Well, we may now have our proxy government installed in a desert country rich with oil — lets bring the spoils of war home. Oil refined to gasoline and may never an American car be on empty. Bring it by boat across sea, in pipe across miles after mile. Hell, the more we burn the warmer it gets, now we can swim any day in November.

We can speculate on several outcomes to the 2008 election for good or bad, had the public been aware of the end date of operations in Iraq, perhaps certain campaign tactics wouldn’t have been employable. One last thought to leave you with. Maybe if our two party choices hadn’t been together planning an Obama victory,  the Republicans may have put forth a real efforts, used real candidates, and run a real campaign.

Our consent is manufactured. The less we know the better; it is to deceive us into consent. Stay in the know. Help out in spreading truth around your local community. Knowledge is dependent on teachers, so teach!

About ilstustudent

My name is Zack Teague, I write about current events that effect central Illinois, the state of Illinois and the United States, its' people and our commons. Regular segments on Justice and Democracy as well as their counterparts Injustice and Oppression can be found in the Tabs above. I believe that our American society can and should evolve, that our potential has not yet be reached and that it is the duty of the people, against injustice and oppression to continue the fight for freedom and justice in this country. I do not claim to be their voice, just one of many in a crowed doing my best, against all odds to have my voice heard. Please enjoy the reading; I sure as hell will enjoy the writing.


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