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‘Yes He Can?’ Rally Demands Full Investigation of Big Banks

Braving frigid temperatures, BloNo residents assembled in front of Chase Bank on Oakland Street to demand an investigation of the big banks.

Organized by MoveOn BloNo, and supported by Illinois People’s Action and Latinos United for Change, the action was called to pressure President Obama to hold the banks accountable for the foreclosure crisis and subsequent economic crisis. Leaders of the action demand that Obama not grant the banks immunity for their current testimony with state attorneys general and the White House. They say the president should instead call for a full investigation.

During the rally, Sonny Garcia said over loud speaker:

We are here to hold the big banks accountable by holding a federal investigation into Wall Street’s involvement in the foreclosure crisis. We oppose a sweetheart deal [with the banks] that would give them immunity from investigation. They should be held accountable for the predatory lending practices, falsifying signatures, deception, inadequate disclosure, and manipulation of every kind. President Obama has the power to hold a federal investigation and start the year with a real win for the 99% movement. We are counting on President Obama to fight for the 99%, so that the big banks don’t get let off the hook.


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