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IWU Student Forum on Iran Brings Together Peace Community

Renegades for Peace, the student peace group at Illinois Wesleyan, organized a vibrant discussion on the current military threats of the U.S. government upon Iran. Over 50 attended attended the discussion, hosted by Alex Monzon of the Renegades and co-sponsored by the Common Action Free School (CAFS) and the Bloomington-Normal Coalition for Peace and Justice (BNCPJ).

The discussion followed historical background provided by IWU historian, Dr. Michael Weis. Dr. Weis and Dr. William Munro, both IWU faculty members, subsequently participated in the free-flowing discussion with IWU students and community members.

During the talk, the participants focused on many issues, including U.S. motives for war, issues of Iranian sovereignty, the role of the media in perpetuating the myth of an Iranian threat, the systemic causes of war, and ideas on how to resist war and imperialism.

Below you will find snippets of the presentations given by Dr. Weis and Dr. Munro. Also included is lecture given by Noam Chomsky, which was shown and commented on during the forum.



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