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Municipal Electricity Choice (Resources)

— Compiled by Bill Rau and Corey Mattson —

On March 20th, residents of Bloomington and Normal will be voting on a referendum that would result in lower electricity bills and could eventually lead to the municipal adoption of clean energy. The proposal is called municipal electricity aggregation, and below can be found resources to learn more. Vote ‘Yes’ on March 20th!

Bold headlines are links to articles.

Municipal Electricity Aggregation: Why You Should Vote ‘Yes’ on the March 20 Primary, by Bill Rau

Bill Rau explains how municipal electricity aggregation is a win for lower electricity bills and the environment.

Oak Park Opts for All-Green Electricity and Big Savings on Rates

With municipal aggregation choice, Oak Park became the first community in Illinois to opt for 100% green sources for its aggregate electricity consumption and brought major utility savings to residential consumers as well. This article details the history and also provides a fantastic FAQ after the article.

Community Choice Aggregation: Local Control Without Owning the Grid

Community Choice Aggregation is explained in easy-to-understand terms by Energy Self-Reliant States website.

Community Choice Aggregation – Wikipedia

Wikipedia provides a brief history of CCA, detailing the pioneering efforts in Massachusetts and California.

More Utility Ratepayers Sidestepping ComEd, Buying in Bulk

Chicago Tribune reporter, Julie Wernau, reviews community choice aggregation in Illinois.

Committee for Municipal Electricity Choice

The Committee for Municipal Electricity Choice explains the opt-out choice.

Good Energy

Good Energy is the consultant company for Bloomington in this process.

City of Bloomington Information Page

Bloomington has an information page on municipal electricity aggregation with a city contact number.

A good video detailing the process of community choice aggregation, using the experience of Oak Park, Illinois. Taken from the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club, which includes a good FAQ sheet on Community Choice Aggregation.

If you know of more resources on municipal electricity aggregation, please include it in the comments below and I’ll add to the list.


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