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Protesting the Rule of the 1% (Video)

Compiled by Corey Mattson.

Protesters throughout central Illinois traveled to Chicago to oppose the agenda of NATO, which met in Chicago the weekend of May 18-20. The largest protest on May 20th, numbering in the tens of thousands, brought national attention to the institution’s role in promoting the 1%’s military dominance over the world’s population.

The G8 met at Camp David just prior the NATO meetings, after having moved the meetings from Chicago. Both gatherings are a joint effort by the world’s 1% to resolve current crises upon the backs of the 99%.

Democracy Now has excellent coverage of the 50 veterans against war, who at the end of the march discarded their war medals by throwing them down the street in the direction of the NATO summit. Democracy Now has more good coverage of the protests at their website.

Below is a video of selected highlights, taken by Corey Mattson, of the May 20th rally and march.



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