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Common Action Free School Builds Disc Golf Community

On Monday, June 11th, Common Action Free School hosts a class on the basics of disc golf. Marcus Mann, sports coach and disc golf player, will share throwing tips at P.J. Irvin park in Bloomington, after which participants will play a round in the community’s signature park. People will be gathering for the class at 5:30 pm.

At the class, a BloNo library of discs – BloNo Free Discs – will be introduced as a project in collaboration with burgeoning mutual aid associations in town. BloNo Free Disc is a disk exchange that values sharing and community.

Disc golf is already a publicly-supported sport that is extremely inexpensive to play. The discs are the only expense. The philosophy of BloNo Free Discs is that disc golf can be even more environmentally sustainable, and divorced from wasteful over-production of discs, if people shared the discs together as a community. The way we are currently encouraged to play the sport fuels wasteful consumerism by buying many discs, bags and accessories. BloNo Free Discs discourages consumerism by the sharing of discs.

BloNo Free Discs has discs that people of all levels of play can borrow during the throwing season. You can borrow and exchange discs, or even donate your own discs to the cooperative.

If you want to participate in BloNo Free Discs, check out our Facebook page where periodic announcements will tell where BloNo Free Discs will be set up.

What is Disc Golf?

You snap your wrist releasing the disc. You watch it sail through the sunlight, past the trees and shrubs, curving around the last tree. The disc lands softly in the grass near the target. It is magical, the feeling experienced sending a disc over the land.

If you enjoy nature, then disc golf is perfect for you. The game combines walking in nature with throwing a disc (similar to a Frisbee). Like hiking or biking through the woods, you can participate with friends or by yourself. You can make it competitive or you can enjoy seeing how far and accurately you can throw. You can meet new friends while playing. Small groups sometimes play together on a regular basis. How you play and who you play with is up to you. Do what you wanna do.

What is disc golf? It is a walk in the park, or a hike in the woods, while throwing a disc into a basket. The sport started with people throwing Frisbees at poles or other targets, evolving over time to include special Frisbees called discs that allow you to throw farther and with more accuracy. Regular paths or fairways were created in the style of ball golf with baskets to catch the discs. The goal is to have the lowest number of throws before landing the disc in the basket.

Disc golf is a game in tune with nature and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly sport. Unlike ball golf, disc golf requires very little in energy output to maintain a course. Most courses are public and owned by the government, like parks, and voluntary clubs and groups usually help with the upkeep and even with the creation of courses. If you play throughout the year, it helps keep you attuned to the environment, the weather, and the seasons. It is a fun way to spend time in nature.

But there are forces trying to commodify disc golf. We choose to resist.


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