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Americans Fearful of Drone Technology

A recent survey found that over one third of Americans fear the use of drones on American soil, with personal privacy being the most common concern. Drones are light unmanned aircraft, currently used by the United States in its wars and occupations in the Middle East. Drones are often armed with missiles, and their use … Continue reading

Illinois People’s Action Mobilizes Community Against Fracking (Pictures/Video)

  Approximately 60 community members attended the proceedings of last Thursday’s McLean County Land Use Committee to demonstrate their opposition to fracking. In the last few months, representatives of Illinois People’s Action were alarmed by what they heard coming from the McLean County Land Use committee. Committee member George Wendt favors making it easier for … Continue reading

Community Organizes Support for Chicago Teachers (Video)

On Tuesday, September 4th, the Bloomington Education Association hosted a talk by Debby Pope, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) delegate. Attended by nearly 30 people, Ms. Pope’s talk addressed the current impasse between the teachers union and Chicago’s mayor and his unelected school board (See videos below for her presentation). Chicago teachers have resisted a corporate-driven … Continue reading

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