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Just BloNo 2012: Photos and Reflections

2012 was, as throughout the United States, a year of deepening social movement activity in BloNo. Last year saw the growth of several social movements in the U.S., beginning with the Wisconsin labor revolt and ending with the Occupy encampments in hundreds of cities and towns. While the Occupy movement diminished somewhat in strength this … Continue reading

IPA: Chamber on Santa’s Naughty List for Publishing Faulty Report on Fracking (Video/Photos)

Approximately 30 people, members of Illinois People’s Action (IPA) and supporters, visited the McLean County Chamber of Commerce on Monday to have their voice heard on the issue of fracking. Those in attendance, festive with holiday spirit and accompanied by a jolly Santa Claus and his elves, wanted to ask the Chamber to give local … Continue reading

Closer to Fantasy than Fact: the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Report on the Economic Impact of Shale Gas in Illinois

by William C. Rau The Illinois Chamber of Commerce report on “The Potential Economic Impact of New Albany Gas on the Illinois Economy” asserts that the shale industry, [which uses fracking in drilling operations], would call for $9 billion in capital expenditures and would generate 47,000 jobs under a “high impact scenario”. In our estimation, … Continue reading

McLean County Chamber of Commerce Pushes Fracking

Matthew Kochs – a prominent public relations spokesperson for the oil and gas industry – visited Bloomington on November 29th to give a pro-fracking keynote address at the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Economic Vision luncheon.[1] Matthew Koch’s career is dedicated to the promotion of the worst practices of the fossil fuels industry: Canadian tar … Continue reading

The Wind Cliff: Fossil Fuel Industries Fight to End Wind Subsidies

As politicians wrangle at year’s end over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’, the potential for yet another politically manufactured crisis is right around the corner – the ‘Wind Cliff’. On December 31st, members of Congress could choose to let expire the Wind Production Trade Credit (Wind PTC), a federal subsidy granted to domestic wind energy producers, which … Continue reading

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