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Community Forum: Are Released Prisoners Citizens or Criminals?

On January 28th, the League of Women Voters (LWV) sponsored a community forum on the hurdles and injustices experienced by ex-felons as they attempt to transition from prison life to re-entry into society. The event, attended by over 70 people, was co-sponsored by the Citizens for Justice Options, a voter committee of the LWV, and … Continue reading

Joe Iosbaker to Speak on the Repression of Peace Activists

Sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Bloomington-Normal Coalition for Peace and Justice (BNCPJ), Joe Iosbaker will speak this upcoming Sunday on the FBI targeting of peace activists. The talk will be held Sunday, February 3rd, 3 pm, at the Unitarian-Universalist Church (1613 E. Emerson, Bloomington, IL). Take note that the 3 … Continue reading

Introducing Just BloNo’s Alternative Media Page

Commercial media claims a lot. Fair and balanced. We report, you decide. All the news fit to print. Makes you ask yourself, could ‘media objectivity’ be an invention of big business, as claimed by Robert McChesney? Aren’t all news corporations intricately part of the profit system? Don’t most commercial news outlets skew stories and determine … Continue reading

National Call-in Day to President Obama: Ban Fracking

We need a ban on fracking! Obama’s energy plan, drawing upon so-called “all-of-the-above” energy policy, calls for ramped-up domestic production of gas and oil through drilling and fracking. We need an energy policy that transitions to clean, renewable energy, not one that relies upon polluting tar sands and dangerous fracking practices. On Friday, January 25th, … Continue reading

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

With political leaders and the press whitewashing and appropriating his life and legacy, I think it worthwhile to post two videos on Martin Luther King, Jr. The first is MLK Jr.’s “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam,” and the second is Cornell West’s recent speech on Obama’s decision to use MLK Jr.’s … Continue reading

Public Sector Workers Fight Austerity in Illinois

In early January, thousands of Illinois public sector workers protested the continued attacks against their retirement savings in state pensions. In the latest pension battle, the unconstitutional “reform” proposed by Governor Quinn and state lawmakers would have seriously jeopardized the security of retirement for millions of public sector workers in the state. Government employees – … Continue reading

Immigrant Rights Victory!

The political efforts of immigrants and their allies in Illinois, including local activists with Illinois People’s Action (IPA), resulted in a major victory last week with the passage of a bill that will grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. IPA worked with other Illinois organizations in the Highway Safety Coalition. The local organization was largely … Continue reading

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