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Don’t Break Our Hearts, Kill the Fracking Bill

We, Illinois People’s Action and allies, need YOU to help us win a battle against fracking in Illinois. Send Governor Quinn the attached Valentine asking him to ban fracking in Illinois. Here’s how you can help:

1. Print the linked Valentine (PDF) asking Governor Quinn not to break our hearts.
2. Sign it.
3. Put it in an envelope and mail it to Governor Quinn’s office a few days before Valentine’s Day:

Governor Pat Quinn
207 State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62706

Thanks… and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Valentine (PDF)
Quinn Anti-fracking Valentine

What is Fracking?

Fracking is the process of pumping millions of gallons of water, sand and toxic chemicals into underground shale at high pressure to release natural gas. It uses fresh water that we can’t afford to lose and, once mixed with the sand and chemicals, can never be used again. Fracking has produced a series of problems in many places where it is already occurring; in Pennsylvania, there have been over 3000 environmental violations since 2009 that threaten the health, safety and livelihood of residents. The industry has simply paid the fines as part of standard operating procedure.

Why should we worry about fracking coming to Illinois?

Illinois shale is too close to groundwater to safely frack. Once groundwater is contaminated, we can’t get it back.

Illinois shale is in a seismically active region with three magnitude “5” earthquakes in the last 20 years. Fracking increases seismic activity.

The methane released during fracking contributes to climate change. It is 20X more potent of a greenhouse gas than CO2.

Illinois shale is highly radioactive and fracking it will release radioactivity.

The produced water is toxic and highly salinized. There is no safe storage for this water and 50% of well-casings leak over time.

The industry has over-promised jobs and an economic benefit, none of which are likely to happen. A recent study by Food and Water Watch using Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data shows that shale gas development will result in no more than 2 jobs per well, not the 125 per well promised by the industry.

Thank you for helping us protect the welfare of Illinois’ people, air, land and water!


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