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Illinois People’s Action takes on Immigration Reform

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February 9, 2013 – Illinois People’s Action officially launched its immigration reform campaign from the halls of the McLean County Museum of History in downtown Bloomington, IL. The event featured several guest speakers from a variety of community organizations, as well as personal testimony of immigrants and their family members who are organizing to fix a broken immigration system.

Several members of IPA spoke to the injustice of the current system and urged members of the community to join the movement. The crowd of 100 people listened as a high school student spoke of the day when her family car was surrounded by government vehicles and and her entire family watched as her father was taken away in handcuff’s by ICE agents. 

“My father is not a criminal he is a hard working man who was trying to provide a better life for me, my mother and my brothers. It is time that we stop terrorizing immigrant families in this county, it is time to pass comprehensive immigration reform and keep families together” says Rubi Sanchez, IPA leader.  

Sanchez’ testimony inspired a standing ovation and members of the audience were seen wiping tears from their eyes as the NCHS senior told her story.

Leaders of Illinois People’s Action will meet with IL congressional representatives from the 13th and 18th districts in the coming weeks. Over the next few months, IPA will work to secure the votes of downstate Republicans and Democrats in the latest attempt to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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