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IWU Students Rally to Defeat Keystone XL

Tens of thousands of people gathered Sunday in Washington, D.C. to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and tell President Obama to take action on climate change. Solidarity rallies also occurred in numerous cities, large and small, across the nation.

In BloNo, the IWU Sierra Club organized an indoor solidarity rally in the Hansen Student Center on the Illinois Wesleyan campus, featuring student activists and faculty.

Three IWU students who attended the D.C. rally – Megan George, Alex Kim, and Amy Seter – spoke of their experience during the one hour event. Following their remarks, IWU faculty members shared their knowledge on the tar sands and climate change (See videos of their presentations below), and Danny Kenny and Mark Swanson provided students with information on how to be involved in campus and community activism.

Also in the line-up, local band – the Red Scarves – entertained the crowd with Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind,” and local community activist, Bill Rau, shared an upcoming IPA day of action against fracking on March 4th.

Altogether, over 70 people attended the rally, followed by a spirited march through the campus. Below are pictures, videos of some of the presentations, and a resource section related to the weekend’s events.


Dr. R. Given Harper

Dr. Harper put into context the current Keystone XL pipeline debate, covering where the oil sands are located, the costs of mining the oil sands, and the costs of burning them.

Dr. Narendra K. Jaggi

Dr. Jaggi presented on the current energy situation, in light of proposals to build the Keystone XL pipeline, and the importance of renewables.


Climate Change Rally: Stop Keystone XL

Danny Kenny, GREENetwork

Danny Kenny, student activist, spoke on the importance of informed and active in the community.

Climate Change March, IWU, 2.18.13

Climate Change Rally, IWU, 2.18.13

Climate Change March, IWU, 2.18.13

Climate Change Rally, IWU, 2.18.13


Democracy Now! Coverage: “Tens of Thousands Rally to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline and Urge Obama to Move “Forward on Climate” “Great Media Coverage for “Forward on Climate” and Keystone XL Protest”

Tar Sands Action

Alternet: “Playing Golf as the Planet Burns: Obama Meets With Oil-Man as Protesters Call for Halt to Keystone Pipeline” by Medea Benjamin


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