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Opposition to Fracking Builds (Video)

Central Illinoisans are building opposition to HB 2615, a bill that threatens to bring fracking to Illinois.

Just last week, over 60 people traveled to Springfield with Illinois People’s Action to take action against the recently introduced legislation, and next week Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA) will collaborate in another action-filled lobby day in the state’s capital (See video below of last week’s lobby day).

Next Tuesday, March 12th, preceded by a direct action, environmentalists throughout the state will visit their representatives at the capitol to tell them that fracking cannot be regulated. SB 2615 is neither strict nor safe. We need a outright ban. People are meeting up in Springfield in the parking lot of 225 College Street (corner of College and Monroe), where there will be quick briefing on the start of the day. For more information on the day, including a detailed schedule of visit the Facebook event page: Ban Fracking! Kill HB 2615! Action and Lobby Day.

There is also an online petition to support SB 1418, a two-year moratorium on fracking, as an alternative to an immediate passage of HB 2615’s impossible regulation. We need to promote renewable over polluting energy sources, and SB 1418 demands that we slow down the oil and gas industry’s imposition of fracking in Illinois, the very minimum of what is required for a democratic decision.

Below you will find two videos of the last lobby day to oppose fracking Illinois.


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