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Support the Moratorium on Fracking!

Two competing legislative efforts in Springfield will determine whether or not we will soon see fracking in Illinois.

[Scroll down for action steps to oppose HB 2615 and support a moratorium on fracking in Illinois.]

HB 2615, if passed, will give the oil and gas industry the green light to begin horizontal fracking in the state. We must oppose this bill, for all the reasons given by Bill Rau in a recent letter to the editor in the Pantagraph.

The alternative to fracking here and now is the 2-year moratorium on fracking, bills SB 1418 and its House version, HB 3086. This legislation stops the rush to frack calling for a scientific investigation to study the impact of fracking.

Careful democratic deliberation requires that we stop the rush to frack, but the scene in Springfield is the very opposite: a mad, unprincipled frenzy by politicians and NGOs to pass HB 2615 with as little public input as possible. Stop the madness and support the moratorium!

Contact Your Legislators

Contact your representatives and tell them to stop the rush to fracking and support the 2-year moratorium (SB 1418 in the Senate, HB 3086 in the House). In McLean County, contact Senator Bill Brady and Senator Jason Barickman.
Senator Barickman: (217) 558-1039
Senator Brady: (217) 782-6216

Sign the Moratorium Petition

We are still collecting signatures in favor of the moratorium with an online petition created by local activist Barbara Heyl. If you haven’t signed it yet, there’s still time!

Online Petition

Get Out the Word!

Two recent Pantagraph letters to the editor give the important reasons why we need a moratorium. Please share them far and wide!
Safer Alternative Exists for Fracking, by Anne McGowan
Moratorium Bill Deserves Support, by Bill Rau
For more detailed information on fracking, view the digest of Just BloNo articles on the topic by navigating to the tab ‘Fracking Coverage’ at the topic of the page.

Solidarity Message from Sandra Steingraber

Stop HB 2615
Flyer made by Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment


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