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Earth Day Special: Sandra Steingraber’s Sentencing Statement

On Earth Day, we celebrate the Earth and renew our commitment to fighting for environmental justice. Sandra Steingraber, a native of central Illinois, is a nationally-known role model in that fight. We are thankful to have Sandra as an ally opposing fracking in New York and lending a helping hand to stop fracking in Illinois. … Continue reading

Strike for America, a talk by Micah Uetricht on the Chicago Teachers Union (Video/Photo)

Micah Uetricht addressed students on the Illinois Wesleyan campus on Thursday, April 18th, presenting on the political context of ongoing struggles of the Chicago Teachers Union and community allies to defend and improve public education in Chicago. Mr. Uetricht is a Chicago journalist covering the education movement and will have a book published by Verso … Continue reading

Dear Representatives: Fracking is Unsafe

Bill Rau, local environmentalist and Illinois People’s Action activist, sent the following letter on April 17th to Illinois state legislators, explaining the unsafe fracking practices codified in House Bill 2615 (HB2615). With his permission, I’ve printed the letter in its entirety in this post, with embedded videos and photos. Dear Representatives: On March 29th, I … Continue reading

Illinois Sustainable Living and Wellness Expo 2013 (Photos)

Sowing Struggle: From Below and to the Left

On a speaking tour organized by the Mexico Solidarity Network, Luz Rivera Martinez was at IWU Wednesday to give an inspirational presentation on the work and philosophy of her community organization in Tlaxcala, Mexico, one affiliate out of twenty-five in the Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino (CNUC) / National Urban and Rural Council. An adherent of … Continue reading

Drone Warfare is Terrorism (Photos / Video)

Peace activists traveled Saturday to Chicago to protest drone warfare in a rally and march, part of a national wave of actions to stop the terror and indiscriminate killing inflicted by U.S. drone strikes in the Middle East. The action, organized by the Chicago Anti-War Committee, specifically targeted Boeing Corporation for their continued production of … Continue reading

Floating to Consciousness

Floating to Consciousness: April 6, 2013 A friend post a YouTube link on Facebook called “The Sensory Deprivation Tank – Joe Rogan” with a comment that reads, “I need to try this Sensory Deprivation tank ASAP!!”, I respond likewise, another person chimes in and post a website of a local business with a tank. The … Continue reading

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