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A Better Illinois

Supported by key public sector unions, a petition campaign called ‘A Better Illinois’ seeks to change the Illinois income tax system so that it is a graduated progressive tax (similar to our federal income taxes). Unions are supporting this change because the current flat tax of 5% for all Illinois residents is underfunding our schools, … Continue reading

Fast Food Workers Walk Out in Central Illinois

Fast food workers in Bloomington-Normal and Peoria participated in a national day of walk-out strikes on August 29th, bringing attention to the low wages and substandard benefits in the industry. In Bloomington, over 70 people rallied in front of the Hardee’s at 1523 E. College Drive, with even larger rallies occurring in Peoria earlier in … Continue reading

Fast Food Workers to Strike on Thursday

Support Illinois Landowners , Say No to Eminent Domain for Enbridge’s Tar Sands Pipelines

Sign the petition to support farmers and landowners refusing to allow Enbridge to build a tar sands pipeline through central Illinois: We, the residents of Illinois, oppose the construction of Enbridge pipelines through our state, including the Southern Access Extension. We stand with the landowners and farmers of central Illinois, from Patoka to Flanagan, who … Continue reading

Illinois People’s Action Brings Citizens Demands on Fracking to the IDNR

Leaders of Illinois People’s Action (IPA) paid a visit to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) on Wednesday, demanding that input from citizens and scientists be included when the state agency draws up rules governing fracking operations in the state. The IDNR had not returned IPA’s phone calls for weeks, putting in doubt the … Continue reading

Tar Sands Oil Coming to Illinois?

In a talk co-sponsored by Common Action Free School and Vision 2020, local environmentalist Anne McGowan led a discussion Sunday on opposing the construction plans for multiple oil pipelines in central Illinois. For a detailed report on the background of the issue, written by the presenter Anne McGowan, see Enbridge Pushes for a Tar Sands … Continue reading

Gasland Part 2 Airs on HBO

The anti-fracking documentary that had its public premiere in Normal, Illinois – Josh Fox’s Gasland Part 2 – will air on HBO Monday evening, July 8th, 8 pm central time. Now that the gas industry has regulatory protection for fracking operations in Illinois, the anti-fracking movement is entering a new stage. To help with education … Continue reading

The Tragedy of Sweatshops (Resources)

A concerned group of student and community activists attended Wednesday a Common Action Free School class on the issue of global sweatshop production. The class was led by Barbara Briggs, assistant director of the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights, whose presentation and subsequent discussion was skyped for the audience. The discussion on sweatshops … Continue reading

The Fracking Fight Continues in Illinois (Photos)

In a shameful capitulation to corporate power and influence, both chambers of the Illinois legislature voted Friday to give polluting industries – both oil and gas – regulatory protection to frack Illinois land. SB 1715 passed the House 108-9 on Thursday evening, and then the Senate approved it Friday afternoon. It is certain to be … Continue reading

Anti-fracking Movement Pushes for Moratorium (Photos / Video)

As a sit-in against fracking continues at the Illinois state capitol, movement activists held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in front of the governor’s office and led a public meeting with Mary Morrissey, representative for attorney general Lisa Madigan. For excellent, detailed coverage of the afternoon, read Jeff Biggers’ “Live at Historic Vote in Illinois: … Continue reading

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