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Illinois People’s Action Calls Out the IPRI on Fracking

Adapted from IPA’s press release See the Youtube video for coverage of the action. Three dozen Illinois People’s Action leaders protested the Illinois Prairie Research Institute’s presentation on fracking last Wednesday evening, condemning the Institute for participating in frackademia, a practice where public universities take industry money and skew research results in the favor of … Continue reading

Fracking: The Oil and Gas Industry’s 1% Definition — And Some of the 99% of the Problems Left Out

by William C. Rau Professor Emeritus of Industrial Sociology, Illinois State University The controversy about fracking starts with its definition. The industry defines fracking as the process of injecting a fluid or gas under pressure to fracture hydrocarbon saturated rock so that oil, natural gas liquids, or methane can be extracted. Many narrow the definition … Continue reading

Mahomet Aquifer Summit – A Call to Action

Mahomet Aquifer Summit – A much needed wake up call The future of Central Illinois’ most important, and for many communities in Central Illinois the only source of drinking water, is in jeopardy! The Mahomet Aquifer provides drinking water for nearly 1,000,000 people in Central Illinois, in over 80 municipalities, including the Town of Normal. … Continue reading

Local Efforts to Oppose Fracking in Illinois

The Illinois protest movement against fracking, after last year’s defeat to the gas industry with the passage of the Illinois Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act, continues in a number of localities across the state. Here are some highlights gleaned from word-of-mouth, newspaper reports and online articles. If you have more developments, please include them in the … Continue reading

Utica Residents to Oppose Sand Frac Mine in Public Hearing

Utica residents will speak out at a public hearing Wednesday evening, where the Utica Planning Commission and Village Board will consider a petition for a proposed quarry that will be used to mine sand for hydraulic fracturing in Illinois. Aramoni LLC wants Utica’s permission to quarry on 500 acres near the Starved Rock tourist village. … Continue reading

Pension Emergency Day in Bloomington-Normal (Photos)

Public sector workers gathered at State Senator Bill Brady’s office Monday afternoon to show their displeasure at a bill that would gut their pensions and raise the retirement age for employees under 45. Risking the support of thousands of active and retired state employees, Senator Brady announced in the press that he would vote for … Continue reading

Tar Sands Oil Coming to Illinois?

In a talk co-sponsored by Common Action Free School and Vision 2020, local environmentalist Anne McGowan led a discussion Sunday on opposing the construction plans for multiple oil pipelines in central Illinois. For a detailed report on the background of the issue, written by the presenter Anne McGowan, see Enbridge Pushes for a Tar Sands … Continue reading

GMO Labeling Movement Pushes Ahead in Illinois

The first of three Illinois Senate subcommittee hearings on the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was held in Normal, Illinois, on June 20th, 2013. Illinois Senate bill SB1666, which is sponsored by Senators Koehler, Martinez, Cunningham, Sandoval, and Cullerton, is currently under consideration. SB1666 would require that GMO ingredients contained in food offered for … Continue reading

The Tragedy of Sweatshops (Resources)

A concerned group of student and community activists attended Wednesday a Common Action Free School class on the issue of global sweatshop production. The class was led by Barbara Briggs, assistant director of the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights, whose presentation and subsequent discussion was skyped for the audience. The discussion on sweatshops … Continue reading

The Fracking Fight Continues in Illinois (Photos)

In a shameful capitulation to corporate power and influence, both chambers of the Illinois legislature voted Friday to give polluting industries – both oil and gas – regulatory protection to frack Illinois land. SB 1715 passed the House 108-9 on Thursday evening, and then the Senate approved it Friday afternoon. It is certain to be … Continue reading

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