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Stop Drone Warfare and Surveillance

BloNo residents are protesting the use of drones, both in military and domestic spying applications, in a number of upcoming events and actions. BNCPJ holds its vigil for peace Thursday, April 4th, as its ongoing first Thursday stand for peace at 5:30 pm, now at the Uptown Circle in Normal. Then, on April 6th, BloNo … Continue reading

Enbridge Pushes for a Tar-Sands Pipeline in McLean County: Background and Update

by Anne McGowan We in McLean County have our own tar-sands pipeline, similar to the contested Keystone XL. The Enbridge Southern Access Extension Pipeline Project (Flanagan-to-Patoka) has been in the planning stages for years, scheduled to be built in 2009, but was delayed by the slumping economy and a class-action lawsuit brought by a group … Continue reading

Grassroots Activists Oppose Fracking, Support Moratorium (VIDEO)

Over 130 people from all over Illinois gathered in Springfield yesterday, urging legislators to support a 2-year moratorium on the dirty drilling process known as fracking. The activists – and over 13 grassroots environmentalist groups – support moratorium bills SB 1418 and HB 3086, as an alternative to the pro-fracking, ALEC-influenced bill, HB 2615. [Visit … Continue reading

Opposition to Fracking Builds (Video)

Central Illinoisans are building opposition to HB 2615, a bill that threatens to bring fracking to Illinois. Just last week, over 60 people traveled to Springfield with Illinois People’s Action to take action against the recently introduced legislation, and next week Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA) will collaborate … Continue reading

Illinoisans Say No to Fracking (PHOTOS)

Over 60 people protested Monday in Springfield against a legislative bill, HB 2615, that if passed will bring hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) to Illinois. Illinois People’s Action organized the grassroots rally and lobby action, joined by Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing our Environment (SAFE) and Food and Water Watch. [Read the opinion statement by Food and Water … Continue reading

Kyle Ciani Leads Discussion on Gender Equality

Kyle Ciani, ISU Associate Professor in the Department of History and Affiliated Faculty with Women’s and Gender Studies, led a discussion Sunday afternoon on current trends in achieving gender equality in our society. The title of the talk and discussion, hosted by Bloomington-Normal Coalition for Peace and Justice, was “Bounded by the Binder Mentality: An … Continue reading

Illinois Environmental Council Gives Stamp of Approval to Fracking in Illinois

[Grassroots organizations, including Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA), are opposed to HB 2615, a pro-fracking bill in Illinois. What follows is a critique of the Illinois Environmental Council’s support of HB 2615.] In a letter to Illinois residents, the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) Executive Director, Jennier Walling, defends … Continue reading

Kill the Fracking Bill: We Need a Ban!

[Join Illinois People’s Action in a day of action against fracking on March 4th. Call the IPA office, 309-827-9627 for details of the event and for transportation options (more info forthcoming). For background on the fracking fight, read the article below, as well as the following IPA statements: Press Release on HB 2615, Governor Quinn … Continue reading

IWU Students Rally to Defeat Keystone XL

Tens of thousands of people gathered Sunday in Washington, D.C. to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and tell President Obama to take action on climate change. Solidarity rallies also occurred in numerous cities, large and small, across the nation. In BloNo, the IWU Sierra Club organized an indoor solidarity rally in the Hansen Student Center … Continue reading

Illinois People’s Action takes on Immigration Reform

February 9, 2013 – Illinois People’s Action officially launched its immigration reform campaign from the halls of the McLean County Museum of History in downtown Bloomington, IL. The event featured several guest speakers from a variety of community organizations, as well as personal testimony of immigrants and their family members who are organizing to fix a broken immigration … Continue reading

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