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Enbridge Pushes for a Tar-Sands Pipeline in McLean County: Background and Update

by Anne McGowan We in McLean County have our own tar-sands pipeline, similar to the contested Keystone XL. The Enbridge Southern Access Extension Pipeline Project (Flanagan-to-Patoka) has been in the planning stages for years, scheduled to be built in 2009, but was delayed by the slumping economy and a class-action lawsuit brought by a group … Continue reading

Illinois Environmental Council Gives Stamp of Approval to Fracking in Illinois

[Grassroots organizations, including Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA), are opposed to HB 2615, a pro-fracking bill in Illinois. What follows is a critique of the Illinois Environmental Council’s support of HB 2615.] In a letter to Illinois residents, the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) Executive Director, Jennier Walling, defends … Continue reading

Kill the Fracking Bill: We Need a Ban!

[Join Illinois People’s Action in a day of action against fracking on March 4th. Call the IPA office, 309-827-9627 for details of the event and for transportation options (more info forthcoming). For background on the fracking fight, read the article below, as well as the following IPA statements: Press Release on HB 2615, Governor Quinn … Continue reading

Election Referendums in November (Resources)

In the upcoming November elections, there are two important referendums for residents in the BloNo area: electricity aggregation and an amendment to the Illinois Constitution. What follows is an opinion piece on both, reflecting the positions taken by progressive political groups and organizations in our city. An upcoming informational meeting of the League of Women … Continue reading

Chicago Teachers Strike Recap

The September strike by Chicago teachers was a significant victory. Not since the UPS strike of 1997 has labor flexed its muscle and won. The Chicago teacher strike demonstrated that if we fight, we can win. And even more, it showed the vital importance of not kowtowing to the Democratic Party, charting instead an independent … Continue reading

Public Sector Workers Resist Austerity in Illinois

Last week public sector unions, organized under the We Are One coalition, successfully blocked a pension bill that would have sought to solve the state’s economic and fiscal crisis upon the backs of its employees. Dozens of unionists from Bloomington-Normal traveled to Springfield to lobby and rally against the pension reform, and hundreds from BloNo … Continue reading

Illinois Workers Fight For Security and Dignity in Retirement (Pictures)

The We Are One Coalition, made up of public-sector workers in numerous Illinois unions, are in a struggle to save worker pensions. Unionists from Bloomington-Normal, mostly from AFSCME and the Illinois Education Association, traveled on Thursday to Springfield to participate in a 400-strong rally and lobbying effort to stop any bill not accepted by public … Continue reading

What are Lawn Removal Parties?

Recently Vision 2020 sponsored and assisted Heather Evert in removing part of her lawn and replacing it with richer soil, compost and native plants.  How does this fit into our vision? Vision 2020 Bloomington-Normal is part of the Transition Initiative, an international movement preparing for the impacts of climate change and peak oil by promoting … Continue reading

Protesting the Rule of the 1% (Video)

Compiled by Corey Mattson. Protesters throughout central Illinois traveled to Chicago to oppose the agenda of NATO, which met in Chicago the weekend of May 18-20. The largest protest on May 20th, numbering in the tens of thousands, brought national attention to the institution’s role in promoting the 1%’s military dominance over the world’s population. … Continue reading

Bicycle Movement Gains Traction

Bicycling advocates are mobilizing in Bloomington-Normal around the issue of safe bicycle transportation. For many years, there has been a large community supporting biking and alternative forms of transportation in Bloomington-Normal. Two months ago, students at Normal Community High School inspired that community with their bike2school campaign, advocating for bike transportation to school and work. … Continue reading

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