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Moving Beyond Ravitch’s Reformism

[Diane Ravitch is speaking at Illinois State University this evening (see Corey Mattson’s post below for details about Ravitch and her talk). What follows is my critique of the arguments Ravitch puts forth in her latest book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education.] Diane … Continue reading

Municipal Electricity Aggregation: Why You Should Vote Yes on the March 20th Primary

— by William C. Rau — After this spring’s primary on March 20th, electricity power supply in Illinois could be transformed beyond recognition. Why? Because citizens in 267 cities, towns, and communities in the Ameren and ComEd service areas will be voting on municipal or community electric aggregation.(1) If Ameren customers in Bloomington and Normal … Continue reading

House Passes Tax Bill; Senate Not Likely to Follow

Editorial by IlstuStudent. Republicans in the House passed a tax bill that extends the existing cut to social security payroll taxes, which is set to expire at the end of this year. The measure keeps the social security payroll tax at the current 4.2%. If the bill fails to pass Congress, the 4.2 percent provision … Continue reading

President Obama Cashes In On Nearly a Decade Old Plan

Editorial by IlstuStudent President Obama announces the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, based on a time table that was outlined by former president Bush. While our present executive uses this as a political strategy during re-election, the facts are that since March 20 2003, the American Department of Defense, Republican and Democratic leadership, and Washington insiders knew that … Continue reading

No One is Illegal

Viewpoint A large community meeting held Saturday afternoon in Bloomington revealed how immigrant rights is central to struggles for economic and social justice in the United States. The meeting was organized by Latinos United for Change (L.U.C.) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA), bringing together over 90 people to learn about the economic and social context … Continue reading

September 11 Tragedy in Latin America

Very few things in American history can shadow the events of September 11, tragedies in our history resonate impactful similarities; the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, the great depression. September 11, 2001, will forever be synonymous with the fall of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City. Nonetheless, other … Continue reading

Solidarity with Palestine

Why should BloNo concern ourselves with the Palestinian struggle for justice?  I’ll tell you:  If you didn’t already know, Israel is an apartheid state.   Apartheid causes suffering, and we should all do whatever we can to decrease suffering.  “But why is it our concern,” you may ask?  You might say, “I don’t have anything to … Continue reading

Bring the War Dollars Home

Viewpoint by Corey Mattson. Three years into Obama’s presidency, the war budget continues to skyrocket. The U.S. is warmongering in 5 countries – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen – with no end in sight. Money continues to flow upward to the rich, producing record levels of inequality. Meanwhile, an economic system that puts profits … Continue reading

BNCPJ Calls for Real End to Wars and Occupations

Organizational Statement. The Bloomington-Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice (BNCPJ) views President Obama’s recent withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Afghanistan, with a total of 30,000 to be withdrawn by the end of summer 2012, as woefully inadequate for ending the ten-year war and occupation. BNCPJ points out that 70,000 troops, plus private mercenary contractors, will … Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant Legislation Introduced in the House: E-Verify

There is an action tomorrow to show opposition to E-Verify. Meet at 6 pm, Friday (June 17th) at the Doubletree Hotel (10 Brickyard Drive, off Veterans next to TGIF restaurant). There is also a carpool leaving the L.U.C. offices (510 E. Washington, Bloomington) at 5:30 pm. For more information, read below and see the Facebook … Continue reading

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