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Anthony Weiner: Why he should not resign

Viewpoint. In spite of all the rabble rising surrounding the current scandal or “Weinergate” calling for Congressman Anthony Weiners resignation, I think that we as progressives should stand up to the Democratic leadership and tell them to back off and support the only congressman on the hill who has the courage to tell the truth … Continue reading

The Corporate Assault Against Illinois Teachers

Editorial Report. In the last few months, Illinois teachers have been under the same corporate assault faced by teachers in surrounding states. Resistance to this assault was most pronounced in Wisconsin, where public sector workers are still battling Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to take away their collective bargaining rights. In nearby Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan, … Continue reading

Showdown in Ohio: Our Challenge Against JP Morgan Chase

When JP Morgan Chase held its annual shareholder’s meeting on May 17th, I imagine they had much to worry about.  The building for this event was Chase Bank’s headquarters in Columbus Ohio- the second largest office building in the world next to the Pentagon.  From the northeast all the way to the south western side … Continue reading

Class Dismissed documentary screening this Thursday

Viewpoint This Thursday, May 19, Common Action Free School and Laborers Local 362 are co-hosting a screening of the documentary Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class at the Laborers Hall at 2012 Fox Creek Road in Bloomington.  The film will start at 6:30 PM. I was going to write a brief review of … Continue reading

Teachers Fight Attacks on Pensions

Editorial Report by Corey Mattson In the last few weeks, public school teachers throughout Illinois have stepped up efforts to defend their state pensions against attack. The pension issue was one of three that the Illinois Education Association (IEA) brought to representatives during their Lobby Day in Springfield on May 4th. In Illinois, public sectors … Continue reading

Kinzinger’s Snow Job in May

Editorial Report by Corey Mattson On Saturday, May 7th, Freshman Representative Adam Kinzinger (R) held a poorly-attended town hall meeting on the Illinois Wesleyan campus, focusing on the national budget and debt crisis. Kinzinger called the town hall one day before the day of the event, resulting in only 50 people in attendance in the … Continue reading

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