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Grassroots Activists Oppose Fracking, Support Moratorium (VIDEO)

Over 130 people from all over Illinois gathered in Springfield yesterday, urging legislators to support a 2-year moratorium on the dirty drilling process known as fracking. The activists – and over 13 grassroots environmentalist groups – support moratorium bills SB 1418 and HB 3086, as an alternative to the pro-fracking, ALEC-influenced bill, HB 2615. [Visit … Continue reading

Opposition to Fracking Builds (Video)

Central Illinoisans are building opposition to HB 2615, a bill that threatens to bring fracking to Illinois. Just last week, over 60 people traveled to Springfield with Illinois People’s Action to take action against the recently introduced legislation, and next week Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA) will collaborate … Continue reading

Illinoisans Say No to Fracking (PHOTOS)

Over 60 people protested Monday in Springfield against a legislative bill, HB 2615, that if passed will bring hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) to Illinois. Illinois People’s Action organized the grassroots rally and lobby action, joined by Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing our Environment (SAFE) and Food and Water Watch. [Read the opinion statement by Food and Water … Continue reading

Illinois Environmental Council Gives Stamp of Approval to Fracking in Illinois

[Grassroots organizations, including Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) and Illinois People’s Action (IPA), are opposed to HB 2615, a pro-fracking bill in Illinois. What follows is a critique of the Illinois Environmental Council’s support of HB 2615.] In a letter to Illinois residents, the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) Executive Director, Jennier Walling, defends … Continue reading

Kill the Fracking Bill: We Need a Ban!

[Join Illinois People’s Action in a day of action against fracking on March 4th. Call the IPA office, 309-827-9627 for details of the event and for transportation options (more info forthcoming). For background on the fracking fight, read the article below, as well as the following IPA statements: Press Release on HB 2615, Governor Quinn … Continue reading

Don’t Break Our Hearts, Kill the Fracking Bill

We, Illinois People’s Action and allies, need YOU to help us win a battle against fracking in Illinois. Send Governor Quinn the attached Valentine asking him to ban fracking in Illinois. Here’s how you can help: 1. Print the linked Valentine (PDF) asking Governor Quinn not to break our hearts. 2. Sign it. 3. Put … Continue reading

National Call-in Day to President Obama: Ban Fracking

We need a ban on fracking! Obama’s energy plan, drawing upon so-called “all-of-the-above” energy policy, calls for ramped-up domestic production of gas and oil through drilling and fracking. We need an energy policy that transitions to clean, renewable energy, not one that relies upon polluting tar sands and dangerous fracking practices. On Friday, January 25th, … Continue reading

IPA: Chamber on Santa’s Naughty List for Publishing Faulty Report on Fracking (Video/Photos)

Approximately 30 people, members of Illinois People’s Action (IPA) and supporters, visited the McLean County Chamber of Commerce on Monday to have their voice heard on the issue of fracking. Those in attendance, festive with holiday spirit and accompanied by a jolly Santa Claus and his elves, wanted to ask the Chamber to give local … Continue reading

McLean County Chamber of Commerce Pushes Fracking

Matthew Kochs – a prominent public relations spokesperson for the oil and gas industry – visited Bloomington on November 29th to give a pro-fracking keynote address at the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Economic Vision luncheon.[1] Matthew Koch’s career is dedicated to the promotion of the worst practices of the fossil fuels industry: Canadian tar … Continue reading

IPA Organizes Meeting with State Sen. Bill Brady on Fracking (PICTURES)

Tuesday morning, activists with Illinois People’s Action delivered to State Senator Bill Brady a giant letter asking him to meet with IPA and support a ban on fracking in Illinois. The letter had been signed by many concerned residents of central Illinois in an IPA Ban Fracking Accountability meeting. As a result of the action, … Continue reading

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