Making Our Own Media

Just BloNo is a democratic media forum in Bloomington-Normal. Individuals may choose their level of participation, from commenting on posts to serving as an editor of the website. Here are some ideas of how you can participate in making the media in BloNo.

Commenting on posts
Anyone, anywhere in the world, can comment on Just BloNo posts. As part of its mission, Just BloNo intends on promoting peaceful, democratic discussion on important issues.

The Calendar
The Central Illinois Peace and Justice Calendar exists for people to have a digest of events related to peace and justice in the BloNo area. The calendar is for everyone’s participation. People can access it for free and anyone can post relevant events happening in central Illinois.

Writing for the blog
Just BloNo is for the progressive community in the Bloomington-Normal. We encourage people to write on the activities of their peace and justice organizations. And we encourage writers to focus on the culture of the city. To get a sense of the type of community Just BloNo promotes, visit the home page and visit the websites of linked organizations. There is a submission form below if you would like to become a blog author.

Working for the collective
Just BloNo is currently in the process of putting together a collective that will act as a policy body and editorial board. If you would want to be an editor for Just BloNo, indicate so on the the form below.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of Just BloNo!

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